Allow the exporting of blocked scripts when "Block Scripts" is enabled. Similar to uBO

Having the ability to export scripts that were allowed or blocked would be handy to have. Such as exporting them to a .txt file. Especially if users have multiple Brave versions, i.e, Stable, Beta or Nightly installed. Or use Brave on multiple machines. Then allow the importing of the exported rule into the browser.

uBlock Origin allows the exporting of “Rules” to a .txt file where you can then import the rules via the .txt file into uBO in another browser, or transfer the exported text file to another device and import the rules into that browser on the other device.

This would save from having to re-do the blocking and/or allowing steps for sites over and over on multiple instances of brave across multiple devices and/or browser instances of Brave (Nightly, Beta, Stable).

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Paying for brave vpn & firewall still nothing is done. I now have a virus?? Refund

Having a VPN and a firewall won’t block you from getting viruses. A VPN will hide your true IP address from everyone else. A firewall, in this case, will block Ads, trackers, etc.

A virus can still happen even if you do those things. They aren’t guaranteed to stop them. If you visit a malicious website that isn’t detected by safe browsing, you can get attacked. If you download and run something you shouldn’t, or even something that seems legit but isn’t actually legit, you can get a virus. I would look at what Antivirus program you are running to start off. What AntiVirus are you running?