Allow Specialized 3rd Party Ads from Brave Publishers on Other 1st Party Pages

As far as I know, Brave blocks 3rd-party ads from most, if not all, websites, and allows 1st-party ads.

It would be great if Brave Publishers could use a special ad-distribution service to publish their own ads to other Brave Rewards end-users.

For example:

Let Alice be a Brave Rewards Publisher for her Service. Alice wants to show her ads not only to the visitors of her site, but to the visitors of other sites as well.

Alice signs up for the Brave Advertising Services for Publishers program and publishes her ads there. Now, BraveAS (which would be whitelisted by the Brave Browser [and has the option to be disabled for Brave Rewards users after opting-in to Rewards]) can show those users the ads that Alice has submitted to the BraveAS program.

Bob owns a Website and inserts the appropriate HTML/JS code to serve ads from BraveAS, which includes those for Alice’s Service.

When Cathy (who participates in the Brave Rewards Program) visits Bob’s Website, Cathy gets a portion of the BAT and so does Bob.

There are a lot of ways to implement this, but I think this is a good general idea. I wish I had the skills to create this service for you; alas! I have them not.

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Using 3rd-party ad-servers options could be a privacy and security nightmare, you will be basically trusting another server to do the “right thing”.

I feel like the Brave service could offer a CDN for JS that would provide only what is necessary to deliver ads, and whitelist that particular CDN for use with serving 3rd party ads. But I’ll give it some thought. There’s got to be a way to make ads easier.

Brave could also require scripts to run in a hardened environment where they must provide integrity hashes in the HTML to make sure the script that is being run is approved by the foundation.