Allow setting Global Shield Defaults for Android

Currently, you cant set the global shield defaults on Android. So if you want to block cross-site tracking, you have to do it for every site you visit. Which makes it too late already since those trackers are activated before you block them. Also, you can do this on desktop version, why not in mobile too?

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This is quite necessary for a Browser. I’m surprised Android doesn’t have this default yet. iOS has already set this as a default for all Browsers using the WebKit (which is all of them).

Wait a moment, I think that come enabled by default.

@Jojovanna ,
At this time, you can adjust HTTPS Everywhere, Fingerprinting, and Ad/tracker blocking defaults in Settings --> Privacy.

Not for me. I have to turn on “Block Cross-site trackers” for every site I visit on Android.

Setting ad block seems to automatically turn on that settings now for every website.


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On my device is always active… But I don’t remember changing any setting for it :thinking:

It could be because I dont have “ad block” on. When I turned that on, it automatically sets that setting on too.