"Allow scripts" dropdown in address bar should have an "Allow forever" option



I disabled javascript by default, as one does, and while options exist to whitelist a site just once, or just until the browser is restarted, there’s no option to just add the site to the whitelist forever.

I’d like to tell the browser to only execute javascript on sites I trust, and build that whitelist as I use the browser, rather than having to re-whitelist everything every time I restart the browser. This is how NoScript in Firefox works, and it’s how it works when you disable javascript in Chrome


Do you mean that when you have Java script enabled you would want to press the button in the address bar and have an option to allow some java script domains forever? @pierce


The first time you connect to a site, you click the javascript drown down, and you’re presented with two options, “Allow this time” and “Allow until restart”. If I trust that a domain is legitimate, I’d like to be able to “Allow forever”. Without that option, the feature becomes extremely cumbersome.


Great, Will create a request for it on github later today :+1:


Issue added :slight_smile:

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