Allow PDF to open in browser itself without downloading it first In Android

Please add the ability to open a “PDF” in the browser itself without downloading it first.

For example, if you see a PDF file link on Google and you open that link, what will happen is that it will download the PDF file, which I don’t want. I want it to just open the PDF in the browser without downloading it locally on my device.

I think it is a much-needed feature for users.

The user experience will definitely be much better with this feature in Android.

So please try fulfilling my request, Brave Team.

Whether a pdf link opens in a browser or asks for a download destination depends - as I understand it - on how the web page is encoded. I’ve experienced both behaviors - obviously not with the same link.

Try this: open the same web page in a different browser. Click the pdf link. If the behavior is the same in different browsers …