Allow multiple instances of Brave when using workspaces in Linux


Currently, when selecting Brave in the Applications Menu (or via a launcher), a “Starting Brave” process spawns but nothing happens when there is an existing Brave window. I humbly request that multiple instances of Brave be allowed, perhaps by a toggle in settings, so that if I have one instance (with one or more tabs) open already in one workspace, but desire another window in a different workspace I could do so by just clicking the Brave icon within that (other) workspace.

Right now (v0.19.53), I have to manually change to the workspace that already has the existing Brave window, right-click select new tab, right-click detach tab, right-click move to workspace N, then manually change the workspace again. I frequently have multiple browser instances open in various workspaces and it is currently very inconvenient compared to Chromium and FireFox which allow multiple instances.


thanks, we’ll consider that.

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