Allow more customised editing of the Top Sites section

My primary complaint of the NTP is to do with the top sites section.
I’d like to make the tiles larger, the section larger potentially, and also make it so I can have more text on the image before it cuts off. It’s currently cutting off and making the text longer as a result.

One of my top sites is named “Watch2gether”, which gets changed to “Watch2geth…” which is more characters and about the same pixels (saves 6 pixels). This is just one of many examples, and I’d like to either see it go to a new line, or be able to make the boundary boxes for each shortcut larger to allow for more text.

I’d also like to move the section, and edit the overall size of the section in an ideal world, a request I’ve seen echoed on this forum through my searching. Being limited to 6x2 in the one location is not super ideal, and I’d like more customisation to it if it’d be possible to implement.

At the very least the ability to seperate it and have 2 independent top site sections to allow me to sort a bit better, even if their size was still restricted to 6x2 total, but the aforementioned improvements to the text would still be sorely desired.

tldr: Please make the Top Sites section handle text better, and ideally allow the end user some more control over size and location, potentially including having multiple top site sections even if the total was still restricted to 6x2 in total.

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