Allow in-app messengers to show


Widgets which let you ask for support (live chat) should be shown on the site even if tracking info is disabled. For example: Intercom.

We have a nifty live chat widget which allows you to ask for help in the site. We do collect tracking info within a site, which is why I’m assuming it doesn’t show, but this is usually to build help guides, walkthroughs, but not for advertising purposes.

I think the question boils down to: How do you disable tracking but allow live chat widgets to show?
I do think allowing live chat platforms to show is critical for a sass platform!

Full disclosure: I work at Intercom


As you know, Intercom is quite a bit more than a simple messenger. They gather deep info about a user’s system, location, and interactions (time in app, event tracking, etc).

They do all of that without the prior consent of the user, which is antithetical to a privacy protecting browser.

Does Intercom otherwise provide an alternative 1st party messenger system which does not collect such data?