"Allow https://community.brave.com to show you notifications?" - NO, Remember this decision already!

I’ve tried both “Deny” and “Allow” and checked “Remember this decision” - all that about 10 or 20 times (feels like more). The question comes back and comes back again and comes back again and comes back again and comes back again and comes back again and comes back again and comes back again … Grrrrrz!

Ahem. Sorry. Calming down now…

### 2. Did you check out our Common Issues? https://community.brave.com/c/common-issues
Just did, a search for “notifications” yielded 0 hits. Hmm, the “How to solve almost every problem after install” thread suggests deleting lots of Brave data and reinstalling - should I really try that?

Thinking about it, there is another site where a question that should have been remembered comes up again and again…

Clicking on that Lion in the upper-right corner and fiddling with settings is going to solve like 99% of your problems.
Hmm, Shields are up and “(Clear) all site cookies (when closing Brave)” was on, but AFAIR it happened before I switched that on, too. Alas, I had it on since V. 0.23.77 until a minute ago (changed it while typing here).

**### 3. ** & **### 4. **
I’m trying. I hope I’m not rude. Don’t intend any harassment. (But it’s annnoyinnng, just FYI !!!)


  • A. OK
  • B. Hmm, that shouldn’t be needed, it’s one line of text, a checkbox and 2 buttons
  • C. A listing of:
    • i. My OS: Windows 7
    • ii. My Brave Version: 0.23.79. Details:

Brave: 0.23.79
rev: 51b49051a779f0db94fbcfd0df5faca781299ea0
Muon: 8.0.7
OS Release: 6.1.7601
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 68.0.3440.84

  • D. :
    • i. I downloaded and installed Brave about one and a half months ago.
    • ii. I spend some hours on this community and wrote some posts
    • iii. Brave shows up the question in the title, while it should have remembered my decision long ago.
  • E. We need a “strikeout” feature here…

OK then. I Changed the setting about deleting cookies and select “Allow” and check “Remember this decision” once more. *Sigh*.
Edit: Maybe it was the cookies setting. But I’ll keep this here for having a proof that it already hit in case it comes back.

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Hi @tlaloc77,

  • Is this happens only for notification permission for this forum? How about other permissions for other site (location, etc)?
  • Is this happens in the same session or after you close-reopen Brave?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your settings for Preferences > Security > Private Data?


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Man, thank you for caring!

Something changed, I didn’t get logged out of the Brave community this time. And the question about cookies from that other site (a German browser game) didn’t appear again after closing and re-opening Brave. So changing the setting about deleting cookies when closing Brave made a difference.

Edit: That doesn’t answer your question. The answer is, there is no other site (that I know of) that wanted and got some specific permission from me. Only that browser game (https://eisentrutz.antamar.eu if you’re curious, but beware, it’s in German), and the question didn’t come up again after closing & re-opening Brave.

I’m not sure if it happened within the same session or only after closing & re-opening Brave.

Screenshot of the actual settings:

And another one:

If I have 1 unread post, shouldn’t I get a notification now, with these settings? I didn’t get a notification (I guess it’s a popup or something similar). So I’m not sure if that works correctly, but at least I didn’t get the question about allowing notifications anymore (within about 1 hour, that is).

Edit 2: Another screenshot, I didn’t “reap” that unread one yet in case it’s needed now for something:

Edit 3: I want to go to bed now, it’s just 1 minute past 2 am. Next tests and whatnot tomorrow… er I mean… Today evening in, say, about 18 hours.

Thanks for the info @tlaloc77.

Notification permissions is have no relation with cookies, AFAIK, but with Saved site settings and permissions (if you have that setting enabled under Private Data, then it’ll clear the sites permiissions when you close Brave).

But since you have setting disabled, can you see community.brave.com listed under Preferences > Security > Saved Sites Permissions > Show Notifications? Also cc @Mattches to help diagnose why Brave not remember the decision/s.


Yes, Brave will show notifiaction pop-up at upper-right. For community site, AFAIK, it’ll not send notification for Unread post, only for Mention.


Thanks again :slight_smile:
No question about notifications today (yet).

Yes, it’s there, also in my screenshot from yesterday, but you have to click on it to see the setting. I should have cut that into two pieces instead of putting together a very long image.

Oh, OK, So, nothing wrong there.
Meanwhile I rather think that it was a user error a.k.a. I tricked myself :frowning:

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