"Allow Google Sign-in for Third Parties" Bug

The “Allow Google Sign-In for Third Parties” button was supposed to be deprecated starting from Brave version 1.51. However, in Brave build 1.58, it is still present. What surprised me even more was that after a fresh installation of Brave Desktop, this button reappeared. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it, and this time, the option was no longer present. It seems that Brave has implemented its browser’s permission system to handle legacy Google Sign-In since version 1.51. I conducted multiple uninstall and reinstall attempts on both Desktop and Android, and observed that this button consistently appeared in many installations, which should not have been the case. Interestingly, it was absent in only a few instances and only in these instances browser’s permission system to handle legacy Google Sign-In worked on both Desktop & Android.

Brave Desktop:

Brave Android:

Hello, @Mattches! Would you mind taking a look at this?

@user07 from my testing, this seems to only happen if you’ve changed settings.

So if you go to brave://flags the default is as below:

What this does is move from prompt from being in Social Media Blocking to where it becomes an individual site setting. So it would appear as below at brave://settings/content/googleSignIn:


If we go back to brave://flags and disable that:

We end up with the toggle as you’ve shown.


Can you confirm as to whether you’ve made these changes? Or where it is you’re downloading from if not?

Keep in mind the difference in the settings is one would be global where the other allows you to tailor permissions on a per site basis. So if you want it enabled on one site but not others, you can do that.

@Saoiray Here are the default flag settings displayed on both desktop and android:



It seems like there are some issues with flag settings. It’s showing as enabled by default for you but disabled by default here, both on desktop and android. These settings are on fresh installs of Brave from the official website.

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@Mattches @steeven you able to make sense out of this?

@user07 I doubt it matters, but curious. What version of Windows and Android are you using? I’m on Windows 11 Pro on my Desktop.

@Saoiray It’s Windows 11 Home & Android 13.

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No bug here — this particular feature is not fully rolled out yet (looks like around 25% of users total at this time). Eventually, the option in brave://settings/extensions will no longer appear.

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Ahh okay, thanks.

By the way, @Mattches, do you mean the option in brave://settings/socialBlocking instead of brave://settings/extensions?

When uninstalling browsers like Chrome and Brave you should remove (and save) the User data folder. It holds all your Brave data and will reinstall it with your previous settings if not removed.
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

Yeah, I do that always.

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