Allow extensions to be installed directly from the chrome extension store


I like the design and simplicity of the browser and also how it performs better than almost any other chromium based browser but what i did not like is the fact there is no option to install my preferred extensions from the chrome store store let alone sideload them using a zip file. Vivaldi is also a chromium based browser and it supports directly installing extensions from the chrome store why shouldn’t brave?


I guess it is mostly for security privacy reasons. But probably from version 1.0 it may be possible.
I am not sure. Someone might give you a better answer.


@thepcwiz101 You can “side load” the extensions. However as have been linked already in this thread. 1.0 will allow for all extensions from chrome store to work. Might be something come September from the reading I have done!


my bad i am new to the community and didn’t realize that the browser was still in beta.


@thepcwiz101, I believe what beta that @v0iD mean is Brave not 1.0 yet. :slight_smile:

For extensions, like already linked above, Brave 1.0 will have full extension API support. For the extensions itself, it’ll not tied to Chrome Web Store, so I assumed Brave will have it’s own store. More info about this when it’s released.

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I am aware of the meaning of beta but thanks for the info regardless. Also i doubt that brave will have it’s own store since it would be unnecessary and gives more work to the devs that made their extensions on the chrome store. I use iridium which is the best extension to use to improve youtube functionality. i also use poper blocker which is a overlay remover and popup blocker in one. If i had more coding knowledge i would examine the github page for brave. Also i would like to say this browser is unique and i love the lion icon.


The reason to not use Chrome Web Store is mentioned in the blog post.

… but of course without including any code that phones home to Google, or to the Chrome Web Store.

Also, I still believe Brave will have it’s own store. It’s on their plan

For extensions developer, I think Brave will provide more info about that later, when it’s all ready. It’ll not be that hard, since it’s basically same like Chome extensions,AFAIK. So extensions devs may just need made a small changes. :slight_smile:


thanks for pointing it out i missed it when checking out the github page last night.


:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:️ The Key Point.


i really like, too. but i do NEEDED chrome extensions. is there a place to easily download brave v1.0 beta. i don’t unstand how all it takes to make brave use chrome extension in present form. thank you


This is where you will get alpha version of brave which is based on chromium. But this is not official build. But here too adding extension is not possible yet. But keep checking here. When extension lands it will be here first.