Allow customising the address bar and browsing controls

On Brave 0.23.105 with Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Linux at least…

… by default on a 16x9 aspect ratio screen, the address bar looks like:

(left) (right) (HUGE GAP) (reload) (bookmark) (current URL address) (payment) (HUGE GAP) (extensions) (menu)

Having the HUGE GAP between the left/right and reload controls is an interesting design decision, but it is not necessarily one everyone wants to have made for them.

Other browsers tend to have all the browser controls together, a URL field that expands to fit, an optional search field, and the extensions / menu on the right - with no HUGE GAP. I don’t agree with all of Mozilla / Google / Apple’s design decisions, but they’re correct on this one.

Can the ‘use wide URL bar’ “advanced” setting be the default? Or not so hidden away?

It’d also be nice to be able to move, say the bookmarks button to the right of the URL field.