Allow bangs directly at the end or start of a sentence without a space

Way to often I search for something, for example “cute kittens”, I do not get the result I want and want to try for example duckduckgo, so I go to the search box and type ‘cute kittens!ddg’ but this do not redirect me to duckduckgo, but instead makes a brave search for ‘cute kittens!ddg’ so I have to add a space so the search query is ‘cute kittens !ddg’ for the bang to work.

It would require a really small change, but this in fact prevent me from using Brave as my primary search engine because I make this mistake at least 40 times a day when I have it as my standard.

The version is the active one in production.

I use Manjaro as my os, but ofc is the same everywhere.

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