All youtube page shows unverified

hello brave team,

when i update my brave app on my android phone last march i found out that all the youtube user with verified acct shows unverified when i want to tip that user. without knowing what would happen i proceed to tip that certain user, unfortunately he didn’t receive that tip & I also didn’t receive that tip he tipped me. I came up with my own solution with this. I clear cache & data in the app settings but I lost all my BAT rewards total of 70(:sob::sob:). But still all youtube users shows unverified my last resort is uninstall the app then re.install again. Luckily it works, youtube users with verifie acct. shows verified now including my own acct. Now Sir, can I ask for the refund of my 70BAT?

I’m not sure if performing this action will also clear the Rewards data (which is can’t be reverted).

cc @Mattches @sampson @steeven

@eljuno sir…i found that clearing cache will not clear the rewards data but clearing data in apps setting will…i just to ask for our brave team for a refund hopefully…

@Asad @steeven

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