All White Page When Viewing



Am I being paranoid or what?

The pages load and I get a quick glimpse of the encyclopedic pages with text and images before it is replaced by pure white with perpetual loading yet not. Reload and same thing. I’m using the Brave Browser Beta on Win7.

Feel free to test on :

I can get you more links from under /u/Wikispooks or /u/Robin .

Thanks in advance,
~ Jason


Is this censorship? It looks like censorship. Please tell me I’m wrong and how to fix it.


Loads without issue for me:

Try disabling hardware acceleration:
Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration


Mine just loaded fine. I scrolled down and up and then poof. All white.

Someone else on SaidIt said they had the same problem with their mobile Chrome.

Please take a longer look at the page scroll and wait around to see if it stays good or goes blank.



I do actually see this behavior you’re describing now. Give me a moment to look into this and see what I can dig up. Appreciate your patience.


Open your Shields panel and change your script control to Block scripts - page should render as expected.


Thanks so much! I’ll pass it on.

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