All unclaimed brave rewards dating back to 2019 have disappeared

I was told to fill out a form to disassociate my browser from uphold because I had more than three browsers connected. I completed the request and provided all the requested information but was never contacted back to let me know the status of the request. I just logged back in to the computer (old PC that I rarely use) to find that there are no BAT in there. Please help me resolve this issue. I have screenshots.

That would have been a while ago. Because they got rid of the linking limits earlier this year. (in May)

Well, assuming you didn’t factory reset/reformat that device, uninstall Brave, etc then the BAT should still be there. That’s if you’re referring to devices that WERE NOT linked to Uphold.

If you’re referring to devices that had been linked to Uphold but no longer are, then the BAT would be in Uphold and not your browser/device.

I lost all my bat after the brave browser crashing about 9.5 bat of previous rewards and in november i don’t get about 5 bat which is brave rewards of october in my phone .
please help me to get my rewards back.

That is correct. I completed the process quite a while ago and was waiting for a response but never received one from uphold or brave telling me that the disconnect was complete. I have screenshots if that would help. The computer (Linux Mint 19.3) is running the latest brave browser (never uninstalled) and says There is .7 bat in rewards for this month despite not being used for months. There should be 154.25 BAT waiting to be claimed. Thank you for any help you can provide.

I just looked at the event logs and saw several “promotion_vbat_drained” logs from right before the time I reconnected to uphold. Is all my BAT gone?

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