All tabs close (intermittently) when Brave in background

Description of the issue:

Every now and then (it’s very intermittent), if I have Brave running in the background on my phone (having used it but then switched to another app or just locked the phone), when I open/switch to it again, any tabs I left open previously are gone and only the new tab page is displayed.

Additionally, if I go to the menu > Recent Tabs, none of the tabs I had open appear there. They do however appear in the History (and that’s the only way I can get them back).

How can this issue be reproduced?

This can’t be reproduced reliably as its very intermittent, but here’s roughly what I’ve done whe it’s happened:

  1. Open Brave, browse around, open a few tabs (maybe start watching a YT video)
  2. Switch to another app, minimise all apps (e.g. go to the phone ‘desktop’), or lock the screen
  3. Wait a while (go to sleep, work, the bathroom, etc.)
  4. Open Brave again (either the minimised app or just using the icon as normal)

Expected result:

Brave opens and shows the last tab you were on (with the YT video still paused where you left it)(with other tabs open as well).

Actual result:

Brave opens to the new tab page, and no other tabs are open either.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.5.9

Mobile Device details: Android 9, Mi A1

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