All of the additionally created profiles are WAY slower then the original one


NOTE: See TLDR at the bottom if you wish to skip the rambling!

CONTEXT (feel free to skip)
I’ve recently discovered/decided to look into a feature that allows one to create multiple profiles. I’ve instantly found it a game-changer. Having 14 different profiles (and I’ll make more in the future as needed) has been instrumental. I’ll try to keep it short, but previously I’d always have to log out and log in with a different account I wanted to use on sites where I had multiple accounts. It often led me to use 2 or even 3 different browsers (other than Brave) and have a different account logged in for a specific site on each (for example, using my main Gmail account in Brave and an alternative one in Firefox). This was especially the case when I wanted to use both accounts at the same time (without using multiple browsers I would have to switch between accounts every few moments and log out and log in many, many times each day). Now I have one profile just for coding in Rust. I have one for Minecraft-related stuff. I have another for my main YouTube channel and a few other ones for my other YouTube channels (I prefer to have a separate channel/account for watching/as well as creating videos related to different non-related topics). Hopefully, this block of text explains my setup and how I use Brave using multiple profiles.

I’m using MANY different profiles. 14 to be exact - so far. Each one is for a different purpose/topic and each is logged into its own separate Gmail, YT, Reddit accounts, has different extensions, bookmarks, etc.
I have noticed that only 1 profile (the one I used for everything originally) is “fast”.
I figured each account has its own cache and stuff so that wasn’t surprising. But even after repeatedly visiting the same exact site on each of the additionally created profiles - it was still really slow, noticeably slower than if I tried to visit the same site on my “main” profile.
This has left me wondering if additional accounts even use cache, or if they function completely differently under the hood compared to the “primary” profile. Am I imagining things? (IMO it’s way too slow and noticeable for it to not be the case that additionally created profiles are treated differently from the main one). Are all profiles created equal or is there a hidden hierarchy under the hood where one of them is treated by Brave as “the main one”, if you know what I mean? I’m theorizing that one account is the “owner” of the Brave “engine/main thread thing” and all other profiles are slower because they have to “ask/request” the main thread/engine to do something for them every time they do stuff.
Ok, this was supposed to be a TLDR but turned into yet another ramble with the addition of probably completely wrong speculation about the inner workings of the Browser.

Are all profiles “equal” or is there a “main/primary” profile and all other ones are “secondary” ones (under the hood)?
All of the additionally created profiles I’m using are noticeably slower (when loading websites/tabs) compared to the one I used to use for everything originally.