All of my BAT disappeared in December

Hello, upon waiting for the deposit in December, all of my BAT disappeared. I did not make any contributions or any deposits. I had roughly 5.2 BAT, what would cause this and how do I get it back? It has been gone for over a week.

Have the same problem, had about 5USD worth of BAT from November that just vanished

Are you talking about the BAT you earned throughout December?

Nope, November in my case. Believe OP is talking about November as well. December payout is mentioned in the rewards tab and the one from November just vanished, never got paid

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Mine too, i already sent two PMs to the mod as it was requested, with the information of the wallet and browser but never got a reply back.

Same. Quiet as a mouse on the replies. Really sucks.

Iā€™m moving on, going to try Decentr and if worth it discard this one.

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