All new funds frozen since being gifted from user with "Free" BAT

100% of all tip funds to my account are now apparently being frozen since prior being sent funds from a “gift” browser. My publisher account is apparently a garbage can for BAT now.

How is this reasonable?

Hi @coinzdude - can you provide more context? Are you unable to access you account?

Yes, from the Brave Rewards, Creators page, my balance was rejected as far back as November, 2019 as the reason given was that I received contributions from users with “Gift BAT”, with no chance to appeal. Worse, since then, all new donations are piling up as 100% nonredeemable here. Since the 42 BAT which I was able to successfully deposit, all of my new funds have gone in as frozen. I believe I am receiving tips with BAT earned by ad revenue, not gifts. Because of freeze, I also cannot take advantage of the new TAP service.

You can see my statements are frozen as well.