All my profiles, passwords, BAT disappeared, of nothing

Description of the issue:
My brave profiles have been deleted out of nowhere, only when I closed and reopened my profiles disappeared, most of my passwords also disappeared (they were more than 20 and only 4 remained), the session was closed on all websites, Likewise, in the only profile that was not deleted, the BAT count was reset and the uphold wallet was disconnected. do not activate any kind of special configuration (if it exists) for this to happen. I need help please


Passwords/session data:
The passwords are most likely caused from the “On exit” section in

SettingsClear Browser DataOn ExitPasswords and Other Sign-in Data.

Be sure to unselect this option.

For the session data, you likely selected to remove cookies on exit.

To change these settings, go to SettingsClear Browser DataOn Exit.

BAT rewards/Uphold:
You may have reset Brave Rewards data.

I repeat: I have not configured ANYTHING for this to happen, that option I have never had it enabled, and if so, all the passwords should have been deleted, but as I said there were 4 left, also, that would not explain why all the profiles were deleted. I have 2 years with brave and this has NEVER happened to me. I need a prompt solution for this problem.

(In the images it says 7 passwords because I have saved 3 more between yesterday and today, but at the time of the problem I had only 4 of more than 20 passwords left)

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