All my pin Tabs and Bookmarks just disappeared

Hi, I’ve been using Brave a little over a month now on my MacBook Air dual booting between OSX El Capitan and Windows 10 and I’ve made it my default browser where I still have Safari and Firefox installed. I used it a few hours earlier on today and had over a dozen pinned tabs, with a few of them loaded and other new tabs running too. when I was done I exited the program and just a few minutes ago I launched Brave browser and all my pinned tabs and bookmarks were gone, varnished, completely absent from the bar and I couldn’t restore previous session from History.

  1. Is there anyway I can recover my my pinned tabs and bookmarks?
  2. Why would this even happen? Never had this problem on Safari or Firefox.

Really looking to hear from you real soon and thanks in advance.

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I actually have the same issue, this is annoying

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Can you confirm that you have the Continue where you left off option selected in the On startup section of Settings?

As for missing bookmarks – that seems pretty strange. Do you have more than one browsing profile (for Brave)? If you unintentionally launched a different profile it may appear as though all your data has disappeared.

Last, can you check System Preferences --> Privacy/Security (you may need to click on the lock icon and enter your System pass) and check to see if anything Brave related is being blocked?

Thanks Mattches for your prompt response.
Yes, “Continue where you left off” was the option selected, still is now. I have just the one profile.

I did go into the privacy/security (clicked on the lock), wasn’t prompted to input any password, everything is in default, I never touched any of those settings.

Though I was able to salvage my situation by scrolling through my history, reopening the pages and pinned them back to the bar. Couldn’t do anything about my Tiles though as most of them are very old and I had cleared my history before.

Have any Idea why that happened in the first place and how I can stop it from happening again?

P.S I know this is not entirely related but, about the tiles, is there anyway we could add/pin more? I get a maximum of just five.

It really is. Some bug of some sort I really hope they fix soon. A lot of users have experienced this.

I agree on the annoying part. Can you tell me if you have any system maintenance tools running? Something like ccCleaner or some equivalent? We’ve had instances in the past where some software like that has cleared session data on users system.

I’ll keep digging into this issue – also, regarding

We’re working on a large number NTP projects at this time to increase customization and flexibility of the dashboard. Hope to have more features and functions available soon.

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Any update on this yet? I have the same problem :pensive:

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