All my BAT points are gone

I don’t think I ever made a Brave wallet and I didn’t verify my account. But I still had hundreds of points from years of using the Brave browser? Did some update happen? All it says on the rewards page is " Ready to start earning? Connect or create an account with one of our partners." And it has a create an account button.

This happened after my PC froze, and then while rebooting, my PC decided to do the next microsoft update. It’s like I’ve been logged out of brave, but all my old opened browser tabs are still there and working. Bookmark manager still works and has the same stuff.

@RemyLeBeau First thing to clarify is Brave Wallet has nothing to do with Rewards.

Btw, most likely shouldn’t be an issue unless you had a lot of vBAT. Were you never connected to Uphold or Gemini? Because that’s what has been required in order for you to earn BAT. If been connected, all your BAT should be there still and you just need to connect to it.

If you weren’t connected and it was just vBAT earned before February of this year, then not sure how much help can be given to you overall. But I will ask, have you tried rebooting your computer to see if that resolves? And if you go to brave://rewards-internals does it say nothing is there?

Lastly, for now, can you advise:

  • Which version of Windows are you using? (7/8/10/11)

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (go to hamburger menu image and then About to check. Share the version number.

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Thank you for the reply.
I have been earning BAT. I would get the ads, and then each month I would get the notice to accept the rewards for the last month. How could I be connected with uphold or Gemini if I am not a verified account? I would say that yes, most of the BAT was collected before February.

I went to Internals and it shows this.
Key info seed: Valid
Rewards payment ID:
Rewards profile created at: 06/13/2019, 04:34:58 PM
Rewards country: US

Balance info

Total balance 330.75 BAT
Rewards BAT: 330.75 BAT

Custodial account connection info

Rewards state: Not connected

Using Windows 10
Brave Version 1.56.14

Things seem back to normal. Both the rewards page and widget on the “New Tab” page are showing balance instead of asking me to connect. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the update @RemyLeBeau. Can you let me know if you experience this issue again?

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Okay I’ll try and remember to do so if it happens again. Seems like it only happened for one day or so, if it wasn’t an update on the Brave browser or rewards system, I’m not sure what it could be, outside of my recent Windows update seemingly before I noticed the BAT wasn’t showing and I was being prompted to connect.

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