All my 10 BAT deleted!

My uphold wallet was verified. When I tried to withdraw the almost 10 BAT I had, it sent me to an uphold page with the message that it was not available at that time. Then I went back to my wallet and all my BAT had disappeared, and even so there is the proof of my last reward, I would like to recover my almost 10 BAT since I have been saving them for more than a year.

  1. I received a gmail that my uphold portfolio was verified.
  2. Then I went to my brave wallet to see if I could withdraw my +9.50 BAT (I don’t remember exactly the figure)
    3.Then an uphold page opened saying that it is not available at that time.(screenshot included below)
    4.Then I go back to my brave wallet and all nolmas appears, in 1 second the page is updated and I have a 0 balance. (screenshot included below)

Windows 10
Brave v 1.24.85

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