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I recently started using Brave and for some reason whenever I click a link, it opens in a new tab. I checked the preferences and do not see an option to turn this off. The result is that I have a huge number of tabs each day. Not sure if this is a bug or how to fix it.

Brave: 0.16.9
os.platform: linux
os.release: 3.13.0-37-generic
os.arch: x64


If the link has target=_blank attribute defined by the website links will always open in a new tab. Clicking through links which doesn’t have that will open in the same tab, unless Ctrl is pressed or you are clicking on the link using the mouse middle button.

Also you seem to be running an older version of Brave for Linux.


Perhaps it is because I am using an old version of Brave? What is the correct way to update it? I believe I installed it initially using my package manager in linux, and that is still the latest version in the repository.


Which Linux platform are you using?


Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca

Sorry, I thought the info I posted above involving linux version was sufficient. Presumably I should not try to uninstall the version from the package manager. I reviewed the new install instructions but was not sure what was best considering I already have brave.


Updated brave to the latest version. I ended up using “sudo apt install brave” I believe. I tried running the curl functions mentioned in the Rebecca instructions, but they didn’t seem to work, anyway am now using version 19. Will re-post here if I have any problems.

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