All-in-One Gestures


Please look to include All-in-One (mouse) Gestures (used in Firefox currently). This is a power user extension that greatly reduces surfing speeds. If not this program at least something similar would be greatly appreciated.

I REALLY like this browser, but I look silly swiping the page and there’s no results.


hello, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add that to our extension wishlist. Best,


I wouldn’t want to use this as a Web Extension, as I will have to allow access to all web pages I visit. Consider implementing it natively as Opera and Vivaldi have done.


“have to allow access to all web pages I visit”

What in the world are you talking about? How do you make up such stuff? Did you join just now to spread this untruth?


Wow, nice to meet you, too, buddy.

To demonstrate, check any mouse gesture extensions on Google Chrome web store. Here is one, for example. Install it in Chrome and see the installation dialogue window or extension information on the internal extensions page.


I don’t touch anything Google. Tell me how that’s done in Firefox and if does what you say I will retract and apologize.

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