All icons and some images aren't loading

Issue Reproduction Steps:

  1. Note that this issue did not occur late last night or at any time previous, and that I’ve not performed any updates of Brave, the macOS, or any apps since then; connected via Ethernet
  2. Open latest version of Brave (1.18.75) in macOS (High Sierra, v.10.13.6)
  3. Observe that no icons appear next to any bookmarks in bookmarks bar
  4. Open Gmail - observe that no icons, checkboxes, etc. appear in gmail interface
  5. Open Facebook - observe that some icons don’t appear, some do; images in posts do appear
  6. Open - note that a few images appear in posts; most don’t
  7. Open Instagram - a few images don’t load; most do
  8. Open - site appears normal - text and images all load
  9. Open Smugmug; a few images load; most don’t
  10. Open YouTube; most images and icons load; some don’t
  11. etc., etc.
  12. Close and reopen browser - observe same result
  13. Reboot computer, open only Brave on reboot - observe same result
  14. Observe that this issue appears limited to Brave - other browsers tested: Chrome, Safari, Firefox don’t display same issue

Expect all icons and images to load as they have previously

Brave Version: 1.18.75

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