All history disappeared with latest update


Windows 10, Brave v.0.16.9

A notification appeared at the top of my browser that there was an update. I selected update and restart, as I usually do.

When I restarted, my session was gone, as was every bit of history. My bookmarks are still here as are my pinned tabs. Just no history before the update/restart. This is a significant setback for me. :cry:

Not really holding out for a fix, just letting you know.


Thanks for the report @PhoenixFox!

Sorry for the loss of history, did you have any data clearing preferences set?

It would be on the Security section of Preferences.


Thanks for your reply. I just checked those settings and they are set to clear history. That is not how I had them set up. I have always set them to retain browser and download history, cookies, and site settings. Through all updates I have kept history etc. This is the first time I have lost stuff, and I absolutely did not change the settings myself.

Note that I also lost my entire session (of about 40 tabs), other than pinned tabs, but under General Settings it says Brave should start with my windows and tabs from last time. And with history wiped I have no way of restoring those tabs.


This has happened quite a few time with me with the same amount of tabs. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the issue of ‘history’ itself as there isn’t a ‘History’ button anywhere on the menu. I suppose you have to manually enter about:history



Numpty, just press Alt to bring up the menu that sriram shows in that screenshot.


I too just lost all my history (and it has happened to me before upon restart, crash, or update). I’m running Brave 16.9 on Mac OS 10.10.5. I had lots of tabs with lots of windows. All gone as is most of my history. Any way to recover or to go back in history for more than a few days (that’s all I see in the history page). I have my security preferences set to NOT clear any private data upon closure of Brave. Please any advice for recovery and please any help so that future versions of Brave might manage history and sessions more securely. Thanks!


@freedomlover if it was a crash, your profile may have been corrupted and replaced. Restart or update should not have dropped history though.


Thanks, Alex! This last time was just a restart and all tabs with their widows were gone. Bookmarks remained and I had a few days of history that helps to recover my recent history, but no more. I looked at the “sessions” files and saw that the most recent big ones reflecting many open tabs and windows is dated from months ago. I tried forcing Brave to restart with that previous temp sessions file but Brave then became unresponsive. Any suggestions?


Were any of the tabs private?

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