"All filter" button of google search issue

Hello there,

I am reaching out to report a possible issue, although it’s possible that the problem lies on my end.

I have Brave installed on both Android and Windows 11 (Version 1.57.53 Chromium: 116.0.5845.114 for both OS). I’ve noticed a discrepancy in behaviour when using Google search:

  • On Windows, pressing the “all filter” button correctly displays the corresponding menu item.

  • On Android, pressing the “all filter” button doesn’t trigger any action (in Chrome, same version of Chromium, pressing this button opens the menu with the remaining filters).

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

I’ve applied the same filter settings for ad-blocking on both operating systems, which include Fanboy’s and Ublock annoyances, Fanboy’s mobile notifications, and Easylist Italy.

Regarding the Android behavior:

  • When I use desktop mode, the “all filter” button works as expected.

  • Disabling the shield also makes the “all filter” button work.

  • Turning off Fanboy’s and Ublock annoyances, as well as Fanboy’s mobile notifications, allows the “all filter” button to work. This is also true with only Easylist cookie enabled.

  • Toggling the options for cookie and fingerprint protection does not result in any changes in behaviour.

Can you replicate this issue? Thank you for your assistance.

(Android 10, Samsung Galaxy S9)
(Windows 11, AMD Ryzen 5700u Radeon Graphics)

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