All cookies periodically deleted regardless of settings

Every so often, it seems like every few days, every one of my frequently visited websites starts giving me allow cookies requests. It’s tedious to have to click on the banners and some sites have more than one for different purposes.

I’ve scoured the settings looking for clues but as far as I can tell, everything is set to allow cookies. To be absolutely certain of that, there is nothing selected at all in the three tabs of the ‘Clear browser data’ settings and only cross-site cookies are blocked.

So, I don’t know what is causing this. I can’t see anybody else having this problem so I doubt it is a bug.

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Hi @okulo, welcome to Community!

If you go to brave://settings/content/cookies you can try adding the sites you want cookies on to the Allow section.

Also, there are some settings in that section that you may want to check out. e.g. Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) or Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave

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Thanks for the reply.

As can be seen from the screen grab, I already had the settings you recommended.

I’ve added two of the sites I visit regularly but not added the rest as a control so that I can see if it has any effect. There were already some sites listed but I don’t know how as I have not added them manually.


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If you visit a site and disable Sheilds,

It will add it to the Allow list automatically.

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Ah, thanks.

The sites I can think of which have been asking for cookie permissions don’t have advertising on them so I have never felt the need to down shields. I did explore the shields looking for an answer but I couldn’t see anything specifically about cookies.

I’m going to assume that the problem is solved, thanks.

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Unfortunately, this has not helped as all the sites for which I had disable shields just gave me cookie messages again.

I have the same issue on a range of sites, such as and where the site settings and logons seem to vanish. What is strange is that it isn’t all sites at once, so for instance youtube starts to autoplay videos while other sites remember their settings. Couple of days later the bbc loses all the settings etc. This has been going on every since I switched to Brave.

Recently I uninstalled Brave and deleted all the settings from the user profile and reinstalled. The only settings that I imported was an export of my bookmarks and yet it is still happening.

We’d like to try to further diagnose this issue, can you try creating a new profile and using Brave as you normally do, and seeing if site settings are reset again?

I don’t think it is possible to create a new profile and use Brave as I normally do; I rely quite heavily on my browsing history, bookmarks etc.

Do you use any sort of disk cleaner? e.g. CCleaner?

No. I just checked to see if there were any processes running in the background but there are none. I used to use Cookie but I stopped a couple of months ago trying to troubleshoot this problem.

I don’t know if it is helpful but two sites which are affected most are and The BBC site gives the cookie pop-up and seems to clear all data including my manually inputed location whilst Twitter just gives the cookie pop-up but logs me in. And it seems to be every 14 days though I’m not 100% certain of that. Time must fly because it has felt much more frequent than that.

You mentioned the “cookie pop-up” several times in this thread – are you referring to the website alert(s) that display on websites that warn you that they use cookies?

If so, these messages don’t actually have any impact on behavior – pressing OK does not actually grant permission to the site to use cookies. It’s simply a warning. That said, it does sound like some cookie shenanigans are going on in the background. It seems like you’ve already checked:

  • brave://settings/content/cookies --> Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave and ensure that this option is set to “off”
  • There are no sites that had been added to the Clear on exit list on the same page

Can you also check Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit] and ensure no options here are checked? Also, do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

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The BBC pop-up is similar but always coincides with my location having to be resubmitted to get local news.

No data is selected to be cleared when I shut down the browser but in any case, this happens without shutting down the browser, which I rarely do, and very often when I return to the site when I have already visited earlier that day.

Can you tell me what extensions you have installed in the browser at this time?

Selection Search
Simple Drag Image
Flash-HTML5 for YouTube
Automatic 4k/HD for YouTube
Chrome Better History

I also have uBlock Origin installed as Brave Shields can do more than block ads and so if I have problems with certain sites, I toggle the two and experiment which usually helps find a solution. It is disabled on the BBC website as there are no ads but enabled on Twitter where disabling Brave Shields introduced ads.

I have also installed three plugins since posting this topic which would seem unlikely to be the culprits but they are:

Save Image as Type
Wayback Machine (when I discovered Brave’s WM capability, I wanted MORE!)

I have the same issues with cookies being deleted seemingly at random, with the BBC being the most annoying one for me personally although Garmin did this trick today. I can confirm that I have no extensions listed by okulo installed, mine being:

Google Translate
Elevate for Strava
Send to Exif Viewer

I have uninstalled Brave, cleared all the settings from AppData and reinstalled but this has had no effect.

I have also noticed that you do not have to close the browser for the cookies to be deleted. It just happened with where I closed a tab and then reopened the same tab. At this point the cookies were deleted.

This behavior is not observer in Google Chrome.

I somehow overlooked that I have LastPass installed too.

The Shields UI is one nicely-designed features of Brave! Intuitive, clean … just very nice. I can’t recommend it enough! :+1: :+1:

@okulo – and everyone, for that matter.
Please try going to Menu --> Create new profile and create a new browsing profile. It will not have any of your browsing data or credentials, nor will any extensions be installed. Please try browsing normally using this new profile. Note whether or cookies/data is cleared when it shouldn’t be.

I’m fairly certain that at least one of the extensions installed is causing this conflict. Test without them to see whether or not that’s the case, then we can narrow down which extension is the offending one.

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