All Brave rewards has gone

I’ve had 27.5 BAT last week but they are all gone now. Don’t know what happened, they just disappeared. Also, I’ve been waiting for another few days expecting it’s just a bug-related issue and everything will sit back in place but seems to me it’s not the case. I’m looking for a mod who could solve this issue.

Android 12
Wallet unverified (Gemini/Uphold)
Brave version 1.43.88

@Nelayme submit a ticket to so someone from Brave can get your info and try to investigate.

Also, if you check in brave://rewards-internals is the Balance Info there at 0 or does it show a balance? Asking as I’ve occasionally seen some with a bug where their browser doesn’t show the balance but when they looked at internals, it did. So guess just checking if it actually “disappeared” or if it’s there but just not showing.

Just checked an internals and there’s nothing to show, not even a single record/log/anything. It’s completely wiped out. Surprisingly I still have rewards from last month.

Thanks anyway, on my way to submit a ticket


All I needed to do was manually update Brave app from Google Play Store as it won’t update automatically for some reason. All my rewards are back.

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That works. I didn’t see they rolled out an additional update, so was thinking yours was current.

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