ALL BAT in wallet disappeared

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Description of the issue:
Checked my wallet the other day and noticed all of my BAT that I’d had in it had disappeared (>100). Unsure if it’s related to people not receiving their monthly payouts. Uphold isn’t even allowed to do business in my state yet, so I know they weren’t sent there (but I checked, not the). I have tips and autocontribute off.

Link is a picture showing the grants and empty wallet.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I have no idea

Expected result:
Hopefully getting my BAT restored to my wallet.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Moto Z3

Additional Information:


I’m having the same issue
Same version
Regarding previous post… it will come a fix in the next version
Just do not try to uninstall the app from your your phone until that
Then… if I can get back my balance I am going to move all BAT into my wallet … looks like is not safe keeping here
I hope having a better response from support for us
Stay tuned

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to move anything into the Wallet because I live in the one state Uphold doesn’t have the gov’t’s blessing to operate in yet.

Fingers crossed we’ll be able to get our balances back!


Same thing happened to me after updating to the newest version. Also, I can’t claim any of my may rewards.

I have the same with the ios app.
I had 16 bats in wallet and 7,3 to claim ( which I could not for more than a week)

Now i had an automatic update installed and the original 16 is gone and the 7,3 I could not claim, is suddenly the only bat in my wallet.

I’m actually annoyed that we don’t gen an official email or even message to not update or upgrade because there is a problem. I have to go to reddit or this community pages to see the red banner message…

Still with the issue with version 1.8.112
What about you guys?

The last update didn’t fix the issue for me. Still have 0 BAT in my wallet.

Same. Still an empty wallet on version 1.8.112

Updated today to version 1.10.94, all my BATs are still missing.

Any update on this issue?

Updated a few minutes ago to version 1.10.99 and it seems that now all my BATs are back! :smiley:

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