All BAT Disappear

I am brave publisher I have around 66 bat but when i open dashboard today i only found 8 bat help me

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A gentle reminder that you should withdraw them when you’re above min payout value , it has also happened with me and they’re lost in system

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but we can’t withdraw when we want because it is done by brave publisher team right

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Yeah that’s true , write to @steeven

Lost so much BAT in the same way. They don’t know what they are doing as far as I am concerned. One guy ie. Steeven cannot fix everything by himself!

YES @meriodoc I agree with it @LuciferMorningstar I did that.

You can tag @Mattches @eljuno as well. They might can help you or refer other way to get them back

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ok @Mattches @eljuno please help me!

Can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Creator account so I can take a look on my end?

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On the sad note, most of the publisher account holders facing the same issue including me.

Last month i didn’t receive my payment to uphold. But I can see them in my account. Please let me know if theres any issue in April’s (Publishers transactions)

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I have the same problem and i send an email with all information about my account but i have no response

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@Mattches you did not respond to my message in chat.

I know brave is new in market it needs improvement but you must need to fix asap…otherwise it is not good for creators…

same here… had 500 BAT…have screenshot… then it went to 10… no reason… no payment… then got paid 9 BAT. So 490 BAT just disappeared into thin air?

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wow so sad :frowning: …let’s see hope brave team will fix this asap

same here. 10 days ago I had 45 BAT in my publisher account. now there are only 25 left. 20 BAT gone for no reason. :pensive:

they should help us but did not receive much support/
@Mattches you guys need to improve overall BAT System soon.
best of luck

@technicaljayendra please see my latest reply to our DM.