All Audio & Video Media Buffers/Freezes From All Sites Only In Brave On Multiple PCs



Hello Brave Community!
I checked the common issues section, didn’t find this issue mentioned. Looking for suggestions or to submit a bug.

I’ve been experiencing for a couple months now through multiple Brave version update releases, 1-3 seconds buffering from audio & video both and separately on multiple sites like Soundcloud, YouTube, and Vimeo every time I right-click or use the Brave menu, open a new tab, or leave the focus of the tab playing media to another tab or window.
This is occurring on at least 3 different Windows 7 x64 pcs, all laptops. Brave version: 0.22.810
2 Lenova’s 8Gbs RAM, sata hdds.
1 HP 8Gbs RAM, SSD hdd.
This occurs both with hardware acceleration support enabled or disabled. This happens with old and new sessions with as little as 2 tabs on 1 window open.

The issue is specific to Brave because I can work within other applications from Word, to heavily processor intensive apps like database or VPN apps, to a 3rd-party browser like Chrome or Firefox and play the same video - and there’s no buffering issues with Brave playing in the background. The issue only occurs while I’m interacting within Brave.


As a follow-up… I’ve since installed the latest build of Brave on another Win7 x64 pc that had no previous install of Brave, even synced Brave account, and the problem is resolved.
I had previously tried uninstalling and reinstalling Brave and that had not resolved the problem on the previous 3 pc’s.
My next step is to backup data on the offending pc’s and reimage them to see if that resolves the issue.


Hi @md3inaustin, looks like we missed your original post there! Apologies for that!

So if I’m understanding your correctly, the updating to the most recent Brave release alleviated the issue? If it solves it for all machines you’ve tested on please let us know. If not, also let us know so we can further go through some further troubleshooting.

Thank you for your support, as well as your detailed report and effort put in to diagnose the issue yourself! :raised_hands:


Hi @Mattches,
Thanks for the reply, appreciate the follow-up!

Not exactly, I’ve been updating the offending 3 pc’s and they still have the issue.
I still haven’t reimaged the offending pc’s to prove my theory, but from a sys admin troubleshooting perspective it’s 1 of 3 possibilities:

  1. Either the user profile is hanging onto remnants of previous Brave installs & updates, even after using a 3rd-party uninstaller to track changes, uninstalling Brave and reinstalling with latest version, the issue persists.
  2. Or Windows itself is hanging onto remnants between upgrades that is still not removing.
  3. Third option being something outside of my perspective that could be occurring I’m just not thinking of.

It’s the action of it still occurring after using a 3rd-party uninstaller, but has no issue on a new pc, that makes me lean towards a profile or OS holding old install remnant files.

Feel free to offer any additional suggestions until I can get these 3 pc’s reimaged. I’ll report back on them once they’re completed.

Thanks again for all of your assistance,
~ md3inaustin


Hmmm, have you tried “nuking” the old Brave before fresh install? Bare in mind that your data that you have saved will be lost but a lot of times this method works when there are install errors or hangups:


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