Aliexpress problem


I’m trying to enter (global site), I live in georgia the country. but when I enter, I’m immediately, redirected to =>
and then to =>
I don’t want to use rus version and want to stay on global site. I’ll add that same thing doesn’t happen on Chrome or while using TOR version and it works perfect there.
Please help me, what can I do to make it stop redirecting me there

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Can you please tell me what OS/Brave version you’re using at this time? Additionally, do you have any extensions installed in the browser?

cc @fanboynz who may know more about why this is happening.

  • Try clearing the cookies in brave://settings/clearBrowserData and retest
  • If it still occurs, clear the cookies again and then test with a VPN (try the US).

If Allexpress is doing the redirect, I would reach out to them

Version 1.42.97 Chromium, Windows 10
I do have some extensions, but none of them are relevant with this problem

Can you please try either creating a new profile and testing the behavior using the new profile and/or try disabling your extensions in your main profile and then testing? Extensions often cause issues that have nothing to do with they function and it’s always worth testing to see if they are part of the issue.

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