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When searching Aliexpress, for just any search query, whatever category, Brave, with ‘trackers and ads blocking’ disabled, and extensions disabled, loads any page other page than the first, only when refreshing after clicking another page. Meaning, when I click another page than one, I need to refresh in order to load that page.
The same issue happens with Vivaldi

Not quite sure what to look for, or whats being described here. Possible to show it via screen2gif?

Using a VPN? or connected via Wifi?

What I see doing the same thing:

Seems that web browsers do not like the use of VPN’s

Depending on the destination, it make take longer to get there (so lag). Choose a location closer to you, lower ms the better. Double VPN or servers further away/slower servers will lag on the sites you visit.

I understand what you’re saying.
'Though I most doubt that my speed is an issue. I use software to share files. And just about half an hour to an hour ago, I was seeding a file with a speed moving between 5mb/s to about 13mb/s. I wouldn’t say my speed is slow

Going by the gif, it’s trying to download the images off Aliexpress. Even on my gif I posted without a vpn it wasn’t instant download (on a Gigabit fibre connection). A VPN will add some bandwidth overhead, that overhead will depend on the server you choose. Also if you have high bandwidth apps (like torrents) then it’ll make things slower.

I still think it’s not an issue of speed.
When I click any different page, no matter how long I wait, Brave browser, just like Vivaldi, does not load the concerning page. Only, when I hit refresh, after going to another page, Brave browser, just like Vivaldi, loads the page immediately

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