crashes Brave and Chrome, but not Firefox or Internet Exporer - always crashes Brave as soon as the web page displays.

Please edit your post and provide the requisite info. This kind of info should be asked when you try to create a new thread. Providing more info will really help with support and troubleshooting.


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I don’t understand. I try to edit my post, but it says I am not allowed to. Also, I don’t know what is meant by builds. I am just trying to report an issue. is an important web site so I thought you should know.

Also, when Brave crashes, all instances of Brave that are open crashes. I can’t use Brave because it doe snot work with

@JohnBode do you mean you are not able to post the issue using Template ? As @eljuno mentioned it would be helpful if you fill/provide all the details in the template which would rellay help to indentify the rootcause for the issue


I dont see any crash on Please add the browser details/OS details so that we can narrow down the issue. One line saying its crashing doesn’t give enough information to troubleshoot.

Please let me know if you’re unable to edit your posts, as everyone should be able to do that.
Additionally, you may want to at least skim through this article on writing bug reports:

As for your issue - as @sriram said, I was able to visit without issue. If you can give us some more detailed information I’d be happy to help you get this resolved.
Thank you!

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