Alerts that explain what's happening when content is being blocked


When I visit many sites using Brave (desktop, Mac) I see missing content, blocked by Brave.

Take for example. Brave basically kills the site.

I think Brave should show an alert or popup of some kind if it’s blocking a lot of content on a page, just to let the user know what’s happening. A message that says “Brave is blocking a lot on this page as it’s trying to run lots of 3rd party scripts that look unsafe” or something to that effect would really help users understand what the heck is going on and feel more like Brave is on their side vs. being some sort of antagonist trying to make life hard.

Perhaps you could trigger this only if a certain percentage of on-site material is blocked? You don’t want to distract the user on every page they load, but if something drastic is happening you don’t want them to feel LOST.


Hi @bflora!
Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to suggest, Brave already does this (kinda)!
First, I’d like to point out that Brave isn’t killing - the Shields configuration is whats effecting it. If you were to go to with your Shields turned off (lion icon in the top right, toggle “Shields” to “down”), you’ll see that the Chase website functions just fine. Brave doesn’t just block ads and trackers, but also block scripts, fingerprinting cookies, phishing/malware etc. and when some of these things get blocked they cause the website to display or behave undesirably. You may find this short video useful.

So getting back to your suggestion, if you’ll turn your attention back to the Shields panel, you can see an active count of what Brave is currently blocking on the website in focus. I’ve attached a gif below showing the difference when loading the Chase website with and without Shields, as well as the count displayed as Brave blocks undesired content:


Thanks for the swift reply!

Yes, I understand that turning Shields off “fixes” for Brave. My larger point is that this is not obvious to the average, less technical user and therefore Brave should generate an alert/popup/notification saying “Brave’s Shields are blocking a lot of content on this web site. Turn them off up here [arrow pointing to the Lion] to view the blocked content on this site.”

Right now, Brave expects the user to intellectually remember “hm, if something’s not working, I should click on the little lion icon, turn off shields and reload”. I think that’s a less than ideal UX and Brave should explain itself a bit when the shields are doing a lot of blocking.