Alcoholic content consent message

Just like cookie/pornographic content consent messages are a pain in the ass to the unspecified shopper, the same goes for alcoholic content consent messages.
For example

Brave already has the option present.

Go to brave://adblock and enable Fanboys Annoyance List and Ublock Annoynace list. Just tick mark them.

For some reason, other brave forum users keep responding with third-party tools.
To be clear, I’m saying for Brave to get rid of the consent content messages, and therefore not for third-party tools.

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What I am listing are brave’s own rust based engine adblocking capabilities.

Also, the filter list I have mentioned are run by Brave’s own employee Fanboynz (@fanboynz) who is the major contributor (owner) to these lists, hence his name is the one used for these lists.

I added them to my list of filters. Even after re-starting Brave, the alcoholic consent message shows. Will any of the other available filters on said page remove the message? If so, which? If not, will Brave add said filter?

Tickmark Easylist cookie list, fanboy anti notification list, fanboy social list, fanboy anti-newsletter.

Go to Settings->Site Settings-> Popups and block them.

If it still does not work, then brave employee (fanboynz, Ryan) will solve it by making a new entry to these lists.

I added those, blocked pop-ups, and still the message shows.
Also, if you direct someone, at least name the steps. For pop-up settings, this is by way of settings->privacy and security->site and shield settings->content->pop-ups and redirects

You are on android right? I posted the steps for android, as your screenshot seemed to be from android.

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Right. You we’re talking about android. (No wonder you referred to a mobile filter.)
It’s different on desktop.

In similar vain to Covid popups, Age consents I avoid. Free to create a list to target these.

I am unfamiliar with covid content consent messages (wait, I wonder, is there such thing as covid content? If so, I wonder ,what such gets labeled as such?). I wonder, which such website shows that?

(Besides, what’s quite humoristically to me, is that a shopper can tell to be born on 1/1/1903. Meaning baileys is cool when saying you’re 120 years old and using a web browser, on a smart device, with its keyboard.
If such person would exist, and I would see such person following said steps, I would laugh my ass off, so to speak.)

Unless you’re clearing the cookies, the popup should ask just once?

Indeed, if not for clearing cookies, it asks no more than to fill out once. That’s the idea of consent.

Content consent is there for a reason. To protect the infants against alcohol, drugs, pornography, violence, etc. These measures, although not ideal, are important to protect the most vulnerable.

Brave should not engage in breaking these protections.
If you do not want to see those, it is up to you to install a third party tool to avoid them. But you should not impose your habits on other users, specially when it may come with a cost for vulnerable people.

Your message proves why I do not talk with annoying Brave forum users, and instead talk to the Brave team.
Please, and to all other annoying Brave forum users, stop telling me what.

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And again, I flagged your response.
Once again, annoying brave forum users prove what I say.
I wonder how many times annoying brave forum users want me to repeat myself