Al verificar mi billetera con uphold he perdido 27.500 BATS / i lost my 27.5 BATS when i verified with uphold account



Verifiqué mi billetera y al segundo perdí todo.

When i verify the wallet with uphold account, i lost my bat.
I have the payment history that proves that I have won those bats, but still i have 0 bats now

If you just verified the wallet all the BAT will go away due to it only showing the current month for February. At or around March 7th-14th all your BAT will be paid out for your previous months including this month of February.

Si acaba de verificar la billetera, todo el BAT desaparecerá debido a que solo muestra el mes actual de febrero. Alrededor del 7 al 14 de marzo, todo su BAT se pagará por sus meses anteriores, incluido este mes de febrero.

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