Agree Backup's Option for The Mobile Version of Brave, Please


Excellent browser, It fulfills its function besides that it is quite fluid, Although there is a small problem, and that problem is that you can not backup the data (History, Bookmarks, Cache … etc) Could you add that option in a next update? Please, really, if you add that option, it would be super-useful, because at the moment, nothing can be done to save them in any way. Please add some option to save them in the cloud, as in the case of Google Chrome. I beg you, I really need that option, since I have very important data in the Brave app of the mobile phone, and for nothing I want to lose them …

-Please, Agree this option in the next update, Brave staff.

Have a nice day.


Reply me… Pls Brave Staff.


Hi @Anony0099,

The team is working on mobile Sync both for Android and iOS. No ETA so far, but AFAIK it’s almost finish. For now, Sync only available on desktop version.



Thanks! :smiley:
And, This update if has been avaliable on the next week or…?


No estimated time when this feature will be available. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro!
And very luck! :smiley:

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