AgileBits new 1Password X



The current 1Password add-on only supports Windows and macOS, the new version (1Password X) works like Lastpass and doesn’t require a desktop application. I understand that the older version currently works better when that is an option, but it would be nice to have the Linux friendly version for those of us that need 1Password but want to use Linux. Along that line, I am not sure how you can include both and explain the difference.

1Password X extension

Agreed that this would be super useful! Thanks for considering.


I’ve been using 1Password X in Chrome for quite a while and would love to get this in Brave (right now I have to keep the web vault open in a tab all the time to access my passwords)


I would really love this as well. Brave is a great browser but not having good access to 1password on Linux really breaks my flow.


I don’t have linux but i hate installing apps and since Agile Bits released 1Password X i never looked back! i kinda depend on in now. Not having this on Brave is almost a deal breaker for me. Please include this extension!


Would love to use Brave on Llinux with 1Password, but the built-in 1Password extension doesn’t work on Linux because there is no desktop app for Linux. If the Brave team has the sway to convince the 1Password team to support a 1Password desktop app for Linux that’d work for me too :smiley:


If we have to choose just one then I would prefer having 1Password X over the older extension that requires the desktop app. It has better UX and works on all platforms.


It kinda works now on 55.x (a.k.a. ‘brave core’). Crashes now and then, but is functional – I suggest installing the beta version of the 1password X extension, assuming this gets greater attention from the agilebits folk.


This is the only reason Brave is not my default browser. I still use Chrome because the 1Password X integration is excellent. As soon as this is available I’m switching to Brave for good!