Aggregate Topic: Unable to connect to Uphold

Its been like that on my pc for 8 months or so, but dont really use it and only recently its on my phone
Dont like how this forum layout either its just all jumbled im happy though if everything works then i dont need come on here

@ian1985 so did you try to reconnect just now? I know they tried fixing and most say it resolved. If you still can’t connect, you may need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at

2 phones are ok no messages,
My tablet showed that message briefly .
Pc is ok too , :+1: great.
Id say youve fixed it for now.
Thanks for fixing the issues

I have another phone, at first I couldn’t connect my Uphold wallet after uninstalling the app, like @Evan123 Evan said. Then I restart the phone and eureka! I could connect using Google Authenticator from my other phone.
Some users probably have this problem.
I hope this can be solved
just one more thing @Saoiray this issue happened a months ago with others users. is it probably can happen again?

I can confirm that it is now OK, thanks!

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