Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube

Shouldn’t crash, does Brave Beta on Android work?

I’ve had the same problem on my desktop. Now with the shields down, I can no longer watch videos at my leisure because i keep getting ads for something I never heard of and/or don’t care about

It does, but on there I have the same issue as the most recent versions of Brave where the “closed a tab in a group” message on the bottom takes way too long to disappear. That has been an issue for me and many others for more than a year now with no fix in sight.

If you’re on Win7/8, its on an older Brave build we can’t update the scripts used to counter YT. And the updated script to fix ads breaks older Brave.

If you can’t update to 10/11, just disable shields globally and use uBlock via an extension.

It’s affecting all OSs with older versions of brave. Shockingly not just desktop.

Since you’re on desktop, uBlock Origin should take care of it in the meantime.

Only older win7/8 and stlightly older macOS is affected here.

Posted on r/Brave but also cross posting here. I’m on an old MacBook Air (2012) that can’t run the latest MacOS, so have been unable to update Brave for some good while. MacOS 10.13.6 with Brave have been happily running without a hiccup until today when I switched a tab and Brave crashed. Now when I relaunch and try to restore tabs it does the same unexpected crash/quit. I’ve done a few things like rebooting the MBA, also tried re-installing as Brave rec’s, but there is no compatible version to DL so not an option. I haven’t tried not restoring tabs yet because I usually run with a lot of Windows/Tabs open (and without problem until now) and would hate to lose the whole session. Any Mac/Brave Wizards have any tricks to try? Would hate to go through a browser switch after having it as default for years now. Seems like something got tweaked since it has been quite stable for so long. Nothing new with the System/App’s took place, everything was pretty much just another day on Brave. I do plan on getting a new MacBook soon but need to get this going again for now if I can. I did poke around in the Library>ApplicationSupport>BraveSoftware>Brave-Browser>Crashpad>completed folder and there are some .dmp files from today if they may be useful and someone can read them. Thanks in advance!

Made an account just to post this for you: it’s youtube. It’s also happening on sites outside of youtube that have youtube videos embedded. I went through and cleared all caches, restarted, disabled all extensions, created a new profile and the only place the browser crashed was when a youtube video was embedded on a page, whether on Twitter, a message board, Youtube itself and even a page at Harvard University’s website.

If you look elsewhere, you’ll notice this is happening with no-longer-supported versions of brave on Windows as well. Because of the age of this version and it not being supported (it was happening on a spare computer I use in my workshop), it doesn’t seem likely it will be fixed anytime soon.

The fix is the following (it’s not really a fix, in that it disables an essential part of why you would use brave, but it stops the crashing):

  1. Go to brave://settings/shields
  2. Trackers & ads blocking → disable this
  3. Download uBlock Origin to restore ad blocking

Others report you may be able to disable wifi, visit YouTube and then disable shields from the menu bar, but I’m not sure if this will stop it from crashing just pages where youtube videos are embedded. You might want to try this first if you are reluctant to shut off shields altogether and replacing them with an adblocking extension and see if it helps.

As Granville mentioned, this is your primary issue. Older versions of the browser are struggling, especially if you have Shields enabled. As Google/YouTube keeps trying to prevent adblockers and all, is causing older versions of Brave to crash.

Your options are to upgrade your OS and version of Brave -or- to disable Shields and try to rely on extensions like uBlock Origin in order to block ads.

Main thing I want to point out is little to nothing can be done to help if you’re not using the most recent versions of Brave. These are old and unsupported for a reason. Once support has sunsetted for each, you’re on your own. There are no more patches, updates, or support for them. As things change around the internet, you’re bound to have issues.

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Thanks for the reply. Not sure I’m going to be able to disable shields unless starting without a tab reload, which sucks. I mainly use Invidious instances for YT and F*** them anyway. Can’t do much about the imbed situation, though. Le sigh… Perhaps I’ll switch back to Firefox until I get a new MacBook

Yes, I know the game. The fact that it remained stable for so long is testament to Brave’s stability but the fact that YT is at fault is absurd. I will switch to something else for now and maybe revisit when I finally upgrade my MacBook… maybe :man_shrugging:t3:

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Yet it’s the truth. Like said, you can disable Shields (at least for YouTube and all) and it will work just fine. Can try to use uBlock Origin and all to block the ads, it tends to work…at least unless/until Manifest V3 hits and takes that away too.

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I would think you’d be able to restore the tabs from your last session directly from the “History” menu? It should still be in there as a folder.

Mine still keeps crashing even after disabling everything on the shield tab. As soon i search, it crashes. On my phone, its working fine as usual. Only crashing on my older macbook air.

Solutions here;

So I was doing what I usually do; I did nothing different. All of a sudden Brave crashes and closes all of my windows. I got the usual “A problem caused the program to stop working” on Windows. I’ve tried everything from updating the graphics driver, the OS, using compatibility mode, uninstall anti-virus, disable DEP, etc. Nothing was working, and when I was just about to give up, I noticed something. I use the session buddy extension, so every time I’ve tried to restart Brave, I have all of my tabs and windows organized. While going through each tab one by one, I noticed Everytime I try to go to the website “YouTube”, it causes the crash. However, as long as I don’t use YouTube (which I would prefer not to), Brave dos not crash, especially as I am writing this. Every other site seems to work fine. I’ve tried clearing the cache and cookies, but it did not fix it. Are there any suggestions that I am not thinking of?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Going to the website “”?

Expected result: An error message pops up saying “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” It will then close the Brave Browser.

Brave Version: 1.47.186

Additional information: I know the Brave version is old, BUT I can’t update Brave anymore. I’m stuck using Windows 8.1 as my OS for now until I can get the money to buy a new PC. But I haven’t had problems up until now. I did not do anything to the files or anything like that. I simply started up my PC like I usually do and even then it worked fine for me earlier. But for whatever reason it just stopped working whenever I tried to enter the website YouTube. I do own a laptop and Brave is working fine as usual on that machine. (As it is more up to date of course) It is also running Windows. (Windows 11) I’ve also tried turning off all extensions, it does not work either. There are no crash reports listed, and the flag for Experimental Web Platform features on brave://flags is disabled.

@BobTom it’s generally helpful if you can Search Before Posting. You’d have seen lots of discussions on this at please like the links below:

List goes on. And don’t forget, there’s no more support for those older versions. There never will be any patches or updates. If you can’t or refuse to update, you’re pretty much on your own. There’s very little Brave or those of us in the community can or will do for you.

Same thing happened to me starting yesterday. Uninstalled brave, lost all my stuff. fortunately I had a book marks backup. Had to go and get an old version of Brave to reinstall as the new downloads won’t install on W7. Still did not fix the you tube issue. This totally eats crap. At least someone could tell us if this is a google thing, you tube, windows registry, what ever so we could do some trial and error.

I’m not sure if anyone knows for certain. My assumption is that perhaps components still got some upgrades? Anyone could verify by going to brave://components and seeing if they are the newer or old. Not sure if you’d be willing to check, @rbrennec . For example, current for the newest versions of Brave is below:


If older versions still received the updates to components, then it would be getting code/script from new adblock rules that are enabled in Shields now that didn’t exist back then. These syntax may be causing the crash. But again, would be helpful in my learning and trying to help people if you can confirm which versions of these components might be visible to you on your Windows 7.

And regardless, we know YouTube (and Google/Alphabet as a whole) is constantly battling adblockers and trying to force people to allow ads and trackers. It might be something in their web code that it competing with Shields in the older versions and causing the crash.

Yeah, you have to go to settings and Shields, then disable it. Turn everything off. Then go get uBlock Origin extension, as it still seems to work with the older chromium for now. Eventually that will get shut down when Manifest V3 finally completes, but at least it’s a patch for now.

And whether any component updates or changes on YouTube might occur that will let things work again for older versions is unknown at this time.