Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube

Ah, yeah. For what it’s worth, might be best to try to use things like this site. I need to improve on it a bit, but example of tips/tricks on searching here can be seen at Search Before Posting.

If just look on search engines, it gets to be too random and not too helpful.

Just a FYI, I’m just a normal user who helps people here. While I’m good at using stuff, I know absolutely nothing when it comes to coding, development, or anything. And I don’t get paid for anything I do here either. It’s just a volunteer thing.

Nah, you’re good. And honestly it should be said the opposite. My social skills are lacking and between traumatic brain injury, autism, and just my own personality, I can be misunderstood. Especially as I tend to be more direct and people aren’t used to it, often perceiving legitimate questions or advice as if said in a negative way. If people can try not to think about how they imagine I’m saying something and just strictly look at what’s being said and take it in all sincerity, usually works well. But doesn’t usually happen that way.

Anyway, glad to hear everything resolved for you.

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