Again yellow message about blockers on websites, how to remove it?

Months ago, someone reported about a problem related with the message:

Lately, this message appears again when you reload the page. The first time you access, the message does not appear, but if you press F5 or you reload page, the message appears.

Same problem months ago

Suele pasar en muchas webs al no estar en la lista de filtros.

Puedes probar a instalar ublock origin, es lo único que lo quita.

Ya… pero trataba de no tener que poner plugins adicionales a lo que Brave ya trae incluído.

Yeah … but I tried not to have to add additional plugins to what Brave already includes.

Thanks for the report, have submitted a patch

Once merged, 24-48hrs.

Thanks… I’ll give you feedback.

It seems today the message does not already appear. I’d like know the relationship between an uBlockOrigin patch with Brave. Does Brave use uBlockOrigin files?
If I uninstall uBlock the message no longer appears. I don’t understand the relationship. Can you explain it to me?

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