Again - Send with Rewards Tips - does it not work or am I doing something wrong?

Did I get that right?
The category Legacy (Muon) is something like an archive?

Then here is my problem (Copy & Past from Legacy):

if I click on the colored triangle next to the Brave logo in the top right corner of the URL search bar and press the button “SEND A TIP…” on a page, select the number and then send the tip, no BAT will be deducted.

I don’t know anything about it in general, but if I do something wrong, it doesn’t work right or… will it be subtracted at the next contribution date?


Yes, thank you for setting a good example!

So last I checked we had some issues with the wallet summary where you’d see the deduction (along with your other transactions). However, a one-time tip will show up immediately and a monthly tip won’t be shown until its subtracted from your wallet, iirc.

cc @chriscat for more information

BAT is now subtracted, and a history also appears in which you can see how much you have sent. So it works (again).


Thanks for the update!