Again problem Bookmark


I thought already pretty much solution about Bookmark problem.
Now something problem happening again. I was accidentally delete ? (as matter fact, I didn’t even touch delete button to delete at all , but one of bookmark was disappear) then, I want to created one of disappear favorite ,but not let me do that on bookmark.
I just don’t know why.
I’m getting tired of bits of bits some problems show.
What’s wrong with bookmark ? And also still very bad organizing Brave Bookmark .


Brave Bookmarks not working Win 10. Installed Brave and want to make it my go to browser but it won’t import bookmarks from any other browser (have Edge, Chrome, and Firefox) or from HTML (tried HTML direct from those 3).

Says it imports from Edge but nothing there. Hangs and consumes 6 GB of RAM and 93% of my processor during import from Chrome, Firefox, or HTML. Allows me to make individual bookmarks by hand though and the bookmark toolbar shows up.

Decided to try Brave because LastPass dropped XMarks and no other browsers really support bookmark interchange anymore.

I live off of my bookmarks, it’s a necessity (who wants to search endlessly every time they need to find something on the interwebs???)

I should also note that after letting it sit and spin for many minutes Brave crashes and closes. Opening it again yields no bookmarks.

I have moderate computer abilities and happy to work out what’s wrong on my machine through a bit of trial and error. Can I go to a config or html file somewhere and just paste in the code for the bookmarks?

Please help me figure this out. I really need bookmarks.Thanks!


This might be the same problem. If you accidentally drag and drop a bookmark only a short distance (such as half the height of an entry in a bookmark folder) the bookmark disappears, and doesn’t let you create another bookmark with the same URL. First noticed this a couple months ago. Did it again today.


Well, even today I tried same way, it didn’t let me adding bookmark classic way.
So I just choosing add on to “Other bookmarks” , then I saw it add on there , and I did moving from Other Bookmarks to regular bookmarks area. Then it was successful .


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