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That is the problem.
To be clear, censorship is no issue of algorithms.
Firstly, these articles

Secondly, the following
Indeed what Jeremy Kauffman (owner of Lbry) says, is true. Web3 is yet the single web version that theoretically truly is for the people. In case of web3, that only exists, because of the behemoth platforms. In order to have something the public works with, it needs to meet the demand of the public. This is why IFPS fails. The thing, is that hosting is not a matter of surfacing. Therefore, bittorrent. It makes the hosting p2p, not the surfacing. If a website doesn’t surface, what else will do the job? You can’t go saying that censorship is solved with p2p. Indeed p2p solves censorship of hosting. Hosting isn’t why censorship exists. Which is why yet crypto currencies are the only p2p technology that makes the public work with it. Because there is no surfacing involved with money. Because money only exists, because of what people create. Platforms exist for surfacing. Online platforms have globalised what brick-and-mortar did locally. The difference, is that independent brick-and-mortar stores make for surfacing. This is why censorship is non-existent with brick-and-mortar. The deal, is over those very places that do the job of surfacing, ARE OWNED INDEPENDENTLY.

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