After trying to login into my bankaccount; brave browser just shuts down!


My bankaccount is working without any problems at all; except for when I am using BraveBrowser. shows the startscreen; then I click on the popup ‘Inloggen’ (or ‘login’).
For a split second the usual login screen appears which normally always sends me to their ‘portalserver’…
And then BraveBrowser just SHUTS DOWN, so that I am unable to see what exactly is happening.
I’ve already tried this on many other browsers; and none of them are giving any inlog problems.
I’m now using the updated BraveBrowser 0.19.131 0n Windows 7, which shows exactly the same result.
Could you please help me? I really would like to use BraveBrowser; but internet banking is virtually impossible…
Thank you very much in advance.


Could you try disabling shields and check if the browser remains open? I am able to see without any crash.


Thank you for your fast answer; but I’ve already tried absolutely EVERYTHING for at least three weeks now.
Any possible shield settings; deleting all the cookies; looked at the site permissions…
THis is the address where BraveBrowser shuts down; and all the other browsers just go on:
Hope this helps… and many thanks again.


Disabling shields and all those other things I’ve already tried during the past three weeks…
but nothing ever helped. By the way, this is where Brave suddenly closes:
Now I’ve found another complaint that brave automatically closes…
Brave automatically closed in a full ad’s website
This sounds pretty much like my problem!!!
Please keep me informed. Thank you.


Unfortunately I still can reproduce the crash when I visit You can subscribe to the issue to get notified when its fixed


Another one that always just disappears:
Hope you will be able to find the culprit soon…

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